Sunday, December 16, 2007

TP and water

In this experiment, I have used two pots one with red soil and another with red soil and charcoal (from Magh-1 woodgas stove). This experiment was to see the rate of seepage of water and its quality. These two pots were prepared about 5 days back and were being watered every day twice. Although I am watering them everyday today I wanted to see their seepage properties. Note these two pots have holes at the bottom.

The experiment is simple, took two clean ceramic plates and placed these two pots. Added equal amount of water in both the pots simultaneously. Two observations I noticed:
1. The water retention is more in the pot with charcoal and the seepage is slow.
2. The pot without charcoal released turbid water and the water from charcoal pot was clear and clean.

This a good exercise which could be taught to children to tell about the uses of TP.

Quality of water could be observed in the above two photographs

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